Hotellilaiva Wuoksi

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Good to know about a hotel ship

Being a hotel ship and floating on the water, there are a few special features of our everyday life that you should notice. Sounds are more easily heard through structures and depending on the season, the temperature of the walls varies. The sound insulation in our premises is not comparable to a normal building. We ask our clients to respect the rules and to notice the hours of silence between 10 pm and 6 pm. The ship is warm in winter, but due to the metal structure of the ship, the walls feel cooler. The rooms have radiators and toilet floor heating, where guests can adjust the temperature to their personal preference.

The hotel ship lives by the wave of the lake and sometimes you may feel normal rocking. The waves can move the ship against the dock, which gives the ship its characteristic sound. The sounds are not dangerous but are part of the ship’s activity. The ship does not have an engine so you don’t have to worry about engine odors or noises.

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