Welcome to Hotellilaiva Wuoksi


Hotellilaiva Wuoksi is located in an idyllic spot in the Kuopio passenger harbour, right by the beautiful lake Kallavesi. It is the northmost Hotel Ship of Finland and the European. You’ll get to sleep at nice cabin with a lake view, have a breakfast at lounge and for instance take a warm cup of coffee with you and go to the deck.

Here you can enjoy the traditional Finnish lake views and peace, while you're still close to all the services; shopping, theather, nightlife, restaurants. Kuopio's townsquare is only few blocs away. Notice, that Hotel Ship Wuoksi services also at winter - we have heating in every room.

FINLAND ICE MARATHON 24.-25.2. COMPETITORS!! Wuoksi is right around the skating track - you can just go out from the front door and you are on the track. Rooms costs only 79€ per two person including breakfast!

The captain of the ship, Ismo Apell, wants to Welcome you to Hotellilaiva Wuoksi.